Mission Statement: To promote healthy humor by demonstrating that it is an incredibly powerful and often overlooked resource that is free, recyclable and available to all humans on the planet. In short, we will take a serious look at a funny topic and hopefully have fun as well as show that it is a short leap between humor and compassion.

Welcome to Healthy Humor!

Laughter is like manure to a farmer. It doesn't do any good until you spread it around.
— Michael Pritchard

I envision my job as a "Spreader" of the many benefits of humor in helping us cope with the stresses of everyday life. I have done this in the past by getting the word out there about the multiple ways that inducing a "Mirthful State" can help to counterbalance the plethora of stresses that we all face. My presentation is chalked full of anecdotal stories from my medical practice, lousy jokes, and practical ways to actually seek out more Vitamin "H" for Humor in your life.

An article about Ken's retirement as a GP and his philosophy of medicine and humour was recently published in Grand Magazine.

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